Information Bachelor


  • “Architektur- und Wohnsoziologie“ (‚Sociology of Architecture and Housing‘), Lecture of the basic studies (3 ECTS)
  • „Stadtsoziologie“ (‚Urban Sociology‘), Seminar (6 ECTS)
  • „Architektur- und Stadtplanungskolloquium“ (‚Colloquium of Sociology of Architecture and Urban Planning‘), Seminar (6 ECTS)

Please note: It is possible to deal with a socioscientific subject as part of a theoretical design/project work.



Target degrees: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts

In addition to the given themes there is the possibility to choose a non-default theme for the final projets. Here, students have the chance to work on themes with sociological aspects – may also including empirical analyses. In this process the students can make varied considerations deviating the artistic and designbased works of architecture. 

All bachelor students get the chance to complete their Bachelor Thesis in the academic field of sociology of architecture and housing managed by Prof. Dr. Hannemann. It is possible to work on suggested subjects like:

  • „Architektur als Beruf“ (‚Architecture as a profession‘)
    Transition from academic studies to the profession itself, possibilities and problems of women in this professional career, structures and form of organisations of architecture offices, etc.)
  • „Wohnen im Wandel“ (‚Transformation of Housing‘)
    Reurbanisation and multilocal dwelling forms, joint building venture, multi-generational living, container Settlements, Housing and migration in Stuttgart)